Our Approach

Why an LGBTQ Book Club?

My name is Patrick (he, him, his), and I'm an out and proud gay man. I wanted to start this blog as a way to connect with other fellow LGBTQ Readers. I like to read widely, but I feel like there are only a few titles that make it to the mainstream market. And while those are magnificent and should be celebrated, I want to spread even more awareness for all of the other LGBTQ+ writers out there.

Who am I?

I currently teach English Composition at the Community College of Aurora. I am also currently a Literary Agent with the Bond Literary Agency. I graduated with an MA from the University of Denver.

When not writing, editing, teaching, etc., I play with my two adorable huskies, hike all over Colorado, and run like one of those crazy people.


Twitter: @LiteraryPatrick


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