I wanted to start this book club as a way to connect LGBTQ readers and authors together. I love to support local and indie authors, but also wanted a safe place for LGBTQ readers to connect with one another.

In this book club, we will feature blog posts discussing the monthly books (chosen by a team of awesome LGBTQ people). The book club will also send out a monthly newsletter with an interview of the author discussion their book, as well as a preview for the following month's book.

There will be a donation button live at all times for people to give money to LGBTQ related non-profit organizations and charities.

If you want to support an author, we suggest you TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS about their book, leave reviews on all major platforms, and then BUY THEIR BOOK! We suggest you purchase directly from the publisher or a local indie bookstore, but Barnes & Noble and Amazon work too. All in support of the author!

If you'd like to participate or learn more about us, please sign up for our newsletter and join us for our kick off book in October!